Introducing Soapbox Minis


At Soapbox we strive to enable genuine and spontaneous conversations using voice chat. Our product is constantly inspired by our users, and we continue to seek new ways to recreate and enhance the experience of meeting new people.

Today, we’re introducing Minis to intensify user interaction within rooms and to strengthen the drop-in audio experience for the Soapbox community.

What are Minis?

In the initial release of Soapbox, we added link sharing, which allowed users to add additional context to casual conversations. This feature turned out to be the most beloved feature of the app and enabled room-goers to easily interact with one another while elevating the quality of the conversation. The Soapbox team recognized how interactive components like link sharing could enrich and deepen conversations, which is why we’re excited to launch Soapbox Minis.

Soapbox Minis allow users to add a game, a poll, or other interactive components directly into a room. These can add to the current conversation, or offer something new to talk about. The first Soapbox Minis included the new release are Polls, Would You Rather and Chosen At Random.

Would You Rather Game

We designed Minis to complement smaller and more intimate room sizes, and users can now engage with one another in a way that hasn’t been done before in the social audio scene. We’re beyond excited to hear how Soapboxers will use Minis while chatting with current and new friends!

Get creative

In addition to the release of Soapbox Minis, our team has also built an open-source SDK so developers can build their very own Minis that interact with live Soapbox rooms.

Soapbox truly wouldn’t be where it is today without feedback and support from our users. Thank you to everyone that has spoken up, shared the app with friends and generally encouraged its success. We would love to hear from you! If you’re an enthusiast or developer and have a great idea, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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