Trivia & Improvements


Introducing Trivia — a brand new mini that allows users to play trivia right in a room.

The trivia mini includes topics for every interest, so users can play against each other in real-time and discover like-minded people. We hope the Soapbox community enjoys the trivia mini, and it connects users through shared interests.

Trivia features more than 4,000 questions in over 24 categories, including Film, Video Games, General Knowledge, Music, Books and much more!

Trivia Mini

What else is new?

This release also fixes bugs and some improvements to the home screen and room page.

We heard your cries, people have been mistakenly hitting notifications and dropping right into rooms. We’ve decided to prevent this by showing you a preview of the room so you can decide if you'd like to join!

Lastly, we figured some minis need more space, so we decided to allow some to be larger than others.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for new trivia categories. Give us a shout!

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