Drawing with Friends is fun, but what about a Mini for the devious ones?

We are thrilled to release the new Werewolf Mini!

Werewolf Mini

Gather your village with at least six people to play. Every player gets assigned a character; two Werewolves, one Seer, one Doctor, and the rest are Villagers. The objective of the Mini is to figure out who the Werewolves are living amongst you. Villagers attempt to find the Werewolves, and Werewolves are trying to take over the village.

The Mini takes place over a series of day and night cycles, starting with night. The night is when players eliminate or save villagers, and the day reveals who has been killed or saved by the Doctor. All living players discuss and try to identify the Werewolves, then a vote by the majority is taken to kill the accused player.

The character roles are as follows:

  • Villagers protect the town- you vote during the day cycle to discover and eliminate the Werewolves from the village (the kicker is that the Werewolves can vote as well!)
  • Werewolves eliminate the Villagers- you know who the other Werewolves are and attempt to kill off the Villagers
  • Doctors heal the Villagers, if a villager was killed during the night, the Doctor can save them.
  • Seers help Villagers by seeing the player's identity, but they must keep this fact to themselves, only using their information to help guide the rest of the players to make an accusation.

Night and day cycles continue until one of two outcomes happen. If all the Werewolves are dead, then the Villagers win. If the number of alive villagers is one less than the number of werewolves, the Werewolves win.

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